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Online Blackjack Variants

Although it is possible to play live in online casinos, thanks to live blackjack sessions, online Blackjack continues to grow and with it, the fans of the most popular versions of Blackjack. This type of game is divided mainly into local geographical variants, which owe their name to the area or region where they were born, and technical variants, which see as the main difference the change from the rules and specific blackjack indications. In the following chapters, they will be listed and explained in detail to allow those who have to decide which variant to choose to have a complete picture of all the options at their disposal to win at Blackjack.

Local Blackjack Variants

Dealer hands out cards

Depending on the country in which they are played, free online blackjack variants sometimes differ in a few minor details, and at other times in different regulations and different playing opportunities.

The most famous variations are the following:

Caribbean Blackjack: in this variant, the dealer always wins if the hands end in a draw, the split is always allowed, and you can double down twice in the same hand. The value of the ace is always 1, and in the event that you make 21 blackjack with two cards of 10 and 1 ace, you can speak of victory with a Caribbean Blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack: as can be guessed from its name, this variant is widespread in Southeast Asia and China. It is the most different variant from the original, although it follows the basic rules, such as the need to reach 21 and to use 2 decks. What changes is the value of the ace, which can be worth 11 or 10 in a 2-card hand and 10 or 1 in a 3-card hand. And the fact that when the player or dealer reaches 15 they can stop the game and shuffle all the cards from the beginning.

California Blackjack: is the Californian variant of Blackjack. Its peculiarity is the use of 2 decks of 53 cards and not 52. The 53rd card is represented by the joker, so that it will be possible to get Blackjack if 2 jokers happen to the same player, but also to play it as a “crazy card” by assigning it the value of the other card you have in your hand.

 Technical variants of Blackjack

Technical variants are variants in which some details of the way the game is played change, such as the elimination or the shuffling of cards while maintaining the basic rules the same as the more traditional versions. In this case, there are two types of Blackjack:

Playing cards in hand

Vegas Downtown Blackjack is a really interesting version, which tends to destabilize the more advanced players who rely on card counting techniques. The decks used are 2, but they must be shuffled at the end of each hand, making it unnecessary to count cards and more adrenaline and surprising the game. Elimination Blackjack as per its name, it is a type of game ideal during the conduct of blackjack tournaments. As players lose, they are eliminated from the game, making it possible to narrow down the number of participants more and more, resulting in a single eventual winner.