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How to deposit money at a BTC casino

Gone are the days when Bitcoins were reserved for experienced internet users, hackers and pirates: the famous cryptocurrency has come a long way since its creation in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It has lost its sulphurous reputation and has been democratized, much to the delight of Internet users looking for an alternative to conventional currencies. Today, gamblers can even play poker with bitcoin, and many other casino games: read on to find out more about Bitcoin casinos!

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Create wallet

There are several ways to start paying with bitcoins at a casino. First of all, players can simply buy bitcoins from someone they know or from someone else on the Internet – this is called “peer-to-peer” purchasing. It is also possible to buy virtual currency from online exchanges. However, we recommend another solution, which we think is more convenient and easier to pay with bitcoin at a BTC casino: wallets, which are virtual wallets in which bitcoins are stored.

Wallets are actually software, compatible with computers and mobiles. There are several companies that offer quality wallets, for example, BreadWallet, Coinbase, Armory, Hive, Copay and Mycelium, which are all reliable. Once players have downloaded their wallet, it should be funded, choosing one of the payment methods offered. That’s it!

Funding casino account with Bitcoin

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It’s all very well having bitcoins, but how do players know how much money to deposit, and how to convert bitcoins into euros or dollars? The price of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating, like all currencies. Fortunately, online players can easily find sites that tell them how to convert bitcoin into a country’s currency. It’s really not that complicated!

To play slots or poker with bitcoin, players need to find an online casino that uses bitcoin. This is not necessarily easy, as not all operators accept cryptocurrency yet. Create an account, then fund it by indicating the amount to deposit and clicking on the “bitcoin” icon. Then enter the wallet address, the precious key that will give an opportunity to start the transaction. In a few minutes, gamblers can start playing for real money! To find out how to make withdrawals using bitcoin, go to the casino’s cashier and let them guide you: the process is just as simple.

The advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a truly unique payment solution that will not suit everyone. This system will appeal to demanding Internet users who want to be free from banks and pay on the net in total anonymity.

Online casinos that accept bitcoin:

  • Payments are simple and very fast
  • There are no or very low fees
  • Players don’t have to give out their bank account information
  • Players pay 100% anonymously
  • Transactions take place outside the banking system
  • Players can deposit funds from their mobile or computer

Bitcoin casino games

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Bitcoin casino sites offer hundreds of games, starting with the ever-popular slot machines. Video slots, classic slots and progressive slots are all available. If players prefer, they can also play traditional table games. On the menu: online poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack, but also roulette and baccarat.

Players can even discover live dealer games with bitcoin. These are games with real dealers, set up in casino studios that give players the feel of a traditional casino. These Bitcoin live casino games are very popular with those who are nostalgic for the “real” casinos and are looking for a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Focus on Bitcoin bonuses

At the best BTC casino in Canada, players will definitely enjoy some nice bonuses. These are usually welcome bonuses in euros, which they can then easily convert into bitcoins, but also free slot games and deposit bonuses. There is also another type of Bitcoin bonus, which players can get at ‘bitcoin faucets’. These websites allow gamblers to earn bitcoins by playing small games. In a sense, they are free bitcoin casino sites. However, one should know that bitcoin faucets do not actually dispense bitcoins, but rather satoshi, the smallest unit of measurement: one satoshi corresponds to 0.00000001 bitcoin. It may not sound like much, but the bonuses from the bitcoin faucets can help players build up the wallet: it’s a fun and risk-free way to get into Bitcoin.