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Zev Farber, Composited illustration of details from works included in Machine Fantasies/Human Events (2017). 

Present | Perfect | Continuous

September 23, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Location: Varley Art Gallery
216 Main Street Unionville map 

To celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we present a year-long rotation of the most cherished Varleys in our collection. These artworks highlight various aspects of the artist’s career, including his skill as a portrait painter, his travels across the Canadian landscape, and his connection to Unionville. This exhibition will also highlight 20 years of acquisitions, acknowledge the important role of the Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham in the development of the collection, and the many donors who have contributed to its growth.

Grammatically, the present perfect continuous tense is used with actions that began in the past but that are still continuing in the present. Symbolically, this tense implies the passing of time, something that is not fixed but always evolving. As we look forward to the next twenty years, we will explore our historical collection through contemporary frameworks; bringing fresh eyes and new understandings to its study and presentation. Included in the Collections Gallery this fall is a site-specific installation by Richmond Hill artist Zev Farber titled Machine Fantasies/Human Events. This sound based intervention, which will also include works on paper and sculptural elements, will examine the intersection between our contemporary technological era, tenuous memories and evocative objects. The emphasis of the project will be on the nature of emission/transmission/reception as a framework for collapsing varied moments and narratives from the last half-century.

About the Artist

Zev Farber is an interdisciplinary artist based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He completed his undergraduate degree in music at the University of Toronto and received an MFA in visual art from York University. Over the past decade, Farber has exhibited, performed and published work in a wide variety of settings in Canada, Australia, the United States and South Korea. In summer 2017, a new work - Endless Nameless - appeared in the 5th annual  Vector Festival organized by InterAccess in Toronto. In addition, he actively collaborates with many artists and musicians on notable commissioned projects. Farber has been a recent recipient of grants from the Ontario Arts Council. He has been teaching in the field of new media art since 2009 and currently leads interactive and generative media courses at OCAD University in Toronto, while also running OCAD U's Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers.  

The artist gratefully acknowledges funding support for this exhibition from the Ontario Arts Council.

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