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Main Street

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Markham Financial Services Companies


A. Farber & Partners Inc.

 325 Renfrew Drive, Suite 202  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 9S8
Tel: 905-415-2613

Allied International Credit

 11 Allstate Parkway, Suite 500  map
   Markham, Ontario
Tel: 905-470-8181
Fax: 905-470-8155

Altamira Financial Services Ltd.

 505 Highway 7 East, Suite 292  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 7T1 
Tel: 905-882-0283
Fax: 905-882-8328

American Express Canada

 101 McNabb Street  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 4H8
Tel: 905-474-8000
Fax: 905-474-8561


Andy Kovacs Insurance and Financial Solutions Inc.
Sun Life Financial

 37 Main Street North, Suite 207  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 1X4
Tel: 289-818-1741
Fax: 289-475-5564

CitiFinancial Canada, Inc.

 4981 Highway 7 East  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 1N1
Tel: 1-800-995-2274
Fax: 905-470-2777


Continental Currency Exchange

 Markville Shopping Centre
   5000 Highway 7 East  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 4M9
Tel: 905-475-1500

Dundee Securities Corporation

 80 Tiverton Court, Suite 202  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0G4
Tel: 905-470-5989
Fax: 905-470-5979

Dunhill International Consultants

 40 Woodbine Ave, Suite 210   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 1A4
Tel: 905-513-9689
Fax: 905-513-1147

E.E.S. Financial Services

 6090 Highway 7 East   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 3B
Tel: 905-471-3623

Edward Jones

 5 McIntosh Drive, Unit 3A   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 8C7
Tel: 905-415-7717
Fax: 905-415-7716

Edward Jones Investments

 4591 Highway 7, Suite 110  map
   Unionville, Ontario
   L3R 1M6
Tel: 905-305-8507
Fax: 905-305-8504

FBANX of Canada Limited

 7181 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 200   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 1A3
Tel: 905-475-0000
Fax: 905-475-0001

FM Global

 165 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 500   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3T 7V8
Tel: 905-763-5555


 3000 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 401   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 4T9
Tel: 905-474-3665

Freedom 55 Financial

 3760 14th Avenue, Suite 100   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 3T7
Tel: 905-475-0122
Fax: 905-475-5578

G.E. Capital

 600 Alden Road, 5th Floor   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0E7
Tel: 905-305-7800
Fax: 905-305-7903

Harry James Financial 

 96 Main Street North   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 1X8
Tel: 905-471-2311

Macgold Direct Inc.

 240 Green Lane   map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 7H7
Tel: 905-709-1892
Fax: 905-709-2107

Money Concepts - Thornhill West

 9050 Yonge Street, Suite 304   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L4C 9S6
Tel: 905-731-8003
Fax: 905-886-5648

Otar & Associates

 96 Willowbrook Road  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 5P5
Tel: 905-889-7170

Professional Management Services

 137 Main Street North   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 1Y2
Tel: 905-201-8073
Fax: 905-201-8063

Ralph Moss Ltd.

 200 Town Centre Boulevard, Unit 102   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 8G5
Tel: 905-513-9868
Fax: 905-513-9893

Ross Dixon Financial

 96 Main Street North  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 1X8
Tel: 905-471-2311
Fax: 905-471-1384

ScotiaMcLeod - The Black~Stratton Group

 675 Cochrane Drive, Suit 115   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0B8
Tel: 1-866-233-8533
Fax: 905-947-0938

TD Waterhouse

 3500 Steeles Avenue   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0X1
Tel: 905-983-2266

The Interface Group Ltd.

 180 Renfrew Drive, Unit 245    map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 9Z2
Tel: 905-475-5701
Fax: 905-475-8688

Trincan Services

 18 De Witt Court   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 3Y3
Tel: 905-472-2018
Fax: 905-472-2018

TW Austin Investments Inc.

 90 Centurian Drive, Suite 215   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 8C5
Tel: 905-513-6633
Fax: 905-513-7272

W.H. Stuart Associates

 11 Allstate Parkway, Unit 410   map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 9T8
Tel: 905-305-0880
Fax: 905-305-0878

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