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Main Street
Main Street

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Markham Churches & Religious Organizations

All Saints Chinese Church

1100 Denison St.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0Z4
Tel: 905-946-1637
Fax: 905-946-9782

Apostle Lutheran Church

70 Dickson Hill Rd.  map
   Markham, Ontario

L3P 2J3
Tel: 905-640-2537

Apple Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church

700 Apple Creek Blvd.  map
   Unionville, Ontario

L3R 7X9
Tel: 905-946-8751
Fax: 905-946-1480

Armenian Evangelical Church

2600 14th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

L3R 3X1
Tel: 905-305-8144

Bayview Glen Church

300 Steeles Avenue East  map
   Thornhill, Ontario

L3T 1A7
Tel: 905-881-5252

Bethesda Lutheran Church

20 Union St.  map
   Unionville, Ontario

L3R 2H5
Tel: 905-477-1731

Bridal Trail Baptist Church

10 Waterbridge Lane  map
   Unionville, Ontario

L3R 8W9
Tel: 905-513-8611
Fax: 905-513-8452

The Bridge

5440 16th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario  

L3P 3J5
Tel: 905-294-6716

Brown's Corners United Church

2830 Highway 7  map
   Markham, Ontario  

L3R 0J4
Tel: 905-477-8282

Calvary Korean Presbyterian Church

7011-A McCowan Road  map
   Markham, Ontario  

L3S 3L7
Tel: 905-471-3377

Canadian Mar Thoma Church

313 Main Street Markham North  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 1Z2
Tel: 905-472-4191

Cathedral of the Transfiguration

10350 Woodbine Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario  
L6C 1H9
Tel: 905-887-5706

Central United Church

131 Main Street Unionville  map
   Markham, Ontario  
L3R 2G3
Tel: 905-474-0183

Cham Shan Temple

7254 Bayview Ave  map
   Thornhill, Ontario  
L3T 2R6
Tel: 905-886-1522

Chapel Place Presbyterian Church

8 Chapel Place  map
   Markham, Ontario  
L3R 9C4
Tel: 905-946-0906
Fax: 905-946-0320

Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church

2755 Denison Street  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3S 2J3
Tel: 905-294-1377
Fax: 905-294-1355


Christ the King Dietrich Bonhoeffer Lutheran Church

149 Bay Thorn Dr.  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 3V2
Tel: 905-889-0873

Church of the Good Shepard

21 Simonston Blvd.  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 4R6
Tel: 905-881-1534
Fax: 905 882-8556

Cornerstone Christian Community Church

9680 Ninth Line  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L6B 1A8
Tel: 905-294-3554
Fax: 905-294-5736

Ebenezer United Church 

 5000 Steeles Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 7B4
Tel: 905-477-4365

Fellowship Baptist Church of Markham

7478 Kennedy Road  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 9S5
Tel: 905-470-9775

Grace Anglican Church

19 Parkway Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 2E9
Tel: 905-294-3184

Hagerman Mennonite Church

4581 14th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-477-4858

Harvest Bible Chapel York Region

8176 McCowan Road  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 3J3
Tel: 905-475-7695

Heritage United Church

Box Grove Location
   2 Legacy Dr.  map
   Markham, Ontario

Cedar Grove Location
   7046 11th Concession Line  map
   Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-294-0312


Holy Trinity Anglican 

140 Brooke St.  map
   Thornhill, Ontario

   L4J 1Y9
Tel: 905-889-5931

Islamic Society of Markham 

2900 Denison Street  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 4J8
Tel: 905-294-7866
Fax: 905-472-8702


Ja'ffari Islamic Centre

9000 Bayview Ave.  map
   Thornhill, Ontario

   L4J 8A7
Tel: 905-695-9786
Fax: 905-695-1585


Jehovah's Witness Markham Congregation 

8205 McCowan Road South  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 3J3
Tel: 905-471-5888

Jesus the King Melkite Catholic Church

1 Lyndhurst Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3T 6T5
Tel: 905-886-0566

Locust Hill United Church

7668 Highway 7 East  map
    Locust Hill, Ontario
    L0H 1J0
Tel: 905-294-2124

Logos Baptist Church

133 Old Kennedy Road  map
   Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-305-6467

Markham Baptist Church

110 Church Street  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 2M4
Tel: 905-294-5830

Markham Bible Chapel

50 Cairns Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 6G9
Tel: 905-294-7369

Markham Chinese Alliance Church 

1 Chatelaine Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3S 3S9
Tel: 905-201-6344

Markham Chinese Baptist Church

9580 Woodbine Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L6C 1H8
Tel: 905-887-6222

Markham Chinese Mennonite Church

4581 14th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3S 3K6
Tel: 905-415-9606

Markham Chinese Presbyterian Church

2250 Denison Street  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3S 1E9
Tel: 905-946-1725

Markham Christian Community Church

77 Milliken Meadows Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 0V5
Tel: 905-479-3322

Markham Missionary Church

5438 Major MacKenzie Dr. East  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 3J3
Tel: 905-294-5081

Milliken Gospel Church

8 Elson Street  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3S 2C4
Tel: 905-472-3100

Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church

3 Clayton Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 8N3
Tel: 905-475-3579

Mosaic Baptist Church

Weekly Gathering at Mastermind Montessori
    735 Markland Street  map
    Markham, Ontario,
    L6C 0G6
Tel: 416-825-5678

Olive Branch Community Church

175 Anderson Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L6E 1A4
Tel: 905-471-7700

Rouge River Community Church

22 Water St.  map
   Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-471-7557

Rouge Valley Mennonite Church

7452 Ressor Road  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L6B 1A8
Tel: 905-294-6242

Saint Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church

2130 Rodick Road  map
   Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-887-7922
Fax: 905-887-7933

Salvation Army Markham Community Church

9329 McCowan Road  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 3J3
Tel: 905-471-1038
Fax: 905-471-5785

Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre

9333 Woodbine Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L6C 1T5
Tel: 905-887-7777

Shaar Shalom Syagogue 

2 Simonston Blvd.  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3T 4L1
Tel: 905-889-4975
Fax: 905-889-1575

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

143 Main Street Markham North  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 1Y2
Tel: 905-294-4736

St. Andrew's United Church

32 Main Street Markham North  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 1X5
Tel: 905-294-0351
Fax: 905-294-0311

St. Demetrius Solun Macedonian Orthodox Church

201 Main Street Markham North  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 1Y3
Tel: 905-471-5555

St. Justin Martyr Parish

3898 Highway 7 East  map
   Unionville, Ontario

   L3P 1L4
Tel: 905-479-2463
Fax: 905-513-8077

St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church

39 Green Lane  map
   Thornhill, Ontario

   L3T 6K5
Tel: 905-881-2786
Fax: 905-881-2772

St. Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church of Markham 

11359 Warden Ave.  map
    Markham, Ontario

    L6C 1M9
Tel: 905-887-7311

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

5633 Highway 7 East  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3P 1B6
Tel: 905-294-5955
Fax: 905-294-5955

St. Philips On-the-Hill Anglican Church 

9400 Kennedy Road  map
   Unionville, Ontario

   L6C 1N6
Tel: 905-477-1991

St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church 

14 Highgate Drive  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 3R6
Tel: 905-474-1224
Fax: 905-474-1277

St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Church

15 Church Lane  map
    Markham, Ontario

    L3T 1Z4
Tel: 905-889-0187

Temple Har Zion

7360 Bayview Ave.  map
   Thornhill, Ontario

   L3T 2R7
Tel: 905-889-2252

Thornhill Baptist Church

8018 Yonge Street  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L4J 1W3
Tel: 905-889-3294

Thornhill United Church

25 Elgin Street  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 1W5
Tel: 905-477-7533
Fax: 905-477-9152

Toronto Chinese Community Church

100 Acadia Ave  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 5A2
Tel: 905-477-7533

Toronto Immanuel Chinese Baptist Church

Meeting Place: 
   Old Unionille Library Community Centre
   15 Library Lane  map
   Markham, Ontario

   L3R 5C4
Tel: 647-547-5138

Truth Tabernacle UPC

717 Highglen Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3S 4P6
Tel: 905-477-5324

Unionville Alliance Church

4898 16th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0K6
Tel: 905-477-1104

Unionville Baptist Church

243 Main Street Unionville  map
   Unionville, Ontario
   L3R 2H3
Tel: 905-479-0942
Fax: 905-479-6199

Unionville Gospel Hall

24 Second Street  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 2C3
Tel: 905-477-3501

Unionville Oasis

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School
   90 Bur Oak Avenue  map
   Markham, Ontario
Tel: 905-415-2747

Unionville Presbyterian Church

600 Village Parkway Ave.  map
   Unionville, Ontario
   L3R 6C2
Tel: 905-475-6233

Vedic Cultural Centre 

4345 14th Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0J2
Tel: 905-475-5778

Victoria Square United Church 

10720 Woodbine Ave.  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L6C 1H9  
Tel: 905-887-5066

Village Church of The Nazarene

218 Main Street North  map
   Markham, Ontario 
   L3R 2H1
Tel: 905-513-1549

Vineyard Christian Fellowship

7775 Yonge Street  map
   Thornhill, Ontario
   L3T 2C4
Tel: 905-707-8463

Wideman Mennonite Church 

10530 Highway 48  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3P 3J3
Tel: 905-640-6219

Zion Chinese Alliance Church

90 Centurian Drive, Unit 10C  map
   Markham, Ontario
   L3R 0M6
Tel: 905-479-6058
Fax: 905-479-6058

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