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Archived Articles   |  Public Transit   |  Weather Forecast   |  TV Guide   |  Postal Code Search   |  Map Interviews New MPP Michael Chan First of all, congratulations on your victory.  Are you looking forward to your new term, representing Markham in the Legislature?

Michael Chan: I am very happy.  I am excited.   I am so grateful that the people of Markham have chosen me today and I will go to Queen’s Park for their best interests. You won by a pretty good margin.  Last I heard, it was 48% to 34%.   Were you surprised by the margin, or did you sense that already at the door?

Michael Chan: We ran a good campaign.  Basically there were issues there.  The issues were:  you have to compare what happened three years ago and what is happening now?   And, issue by issue, I think I was able to convince the people that the Liberal government is doing a good job.  Of course, there are more things to be done.  But people start to recognize, ‘look, you can’t fix up things in a day or two, it really takes time to fix the challenges that were left behind’.  Do you expect to be able to be able a strong voice for Markham in the Legislature?

Michael Chan: I have the people of Markham’s trust in me.  Based on my work experience, based on my wider experience, based on the support I have tonight, I think I can relay the messages of the people of Markham to Queen’s Park. To what do you attribute the wide margin that you had tonight?

Michael Chan: We do not have a final result yet.  But going back to what I said before:  when I was knocking on doors, I was able to talk to people and tell the people what is happening, what the Liberal government has been doing.  And this is the decision of the people of Markham. What will be your priorities over the next eight months before the next provincial election takes place in October?

Michael Chan: You know this is my rookie year.  Being a rookie, you always have some challenges to adjust to, and to learn.  That will be one of my priorities.  The other priority, of course, is trying to represent the best interest of the people of Markham.  That is in health care, education, traffic, new immigrants, and also trade.  So, these are some of the priorities I would like to push for the people of Markham



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