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Geared for Growing Exhibition

On until Winter 2019

Location: Markham Museum
                     9350 Highway 48  map

An entertaining and interactive family friendly exhibition exploring Markham’s rich agricultural history through the machines used in farming. Visit each exciting display guided by Pat the Horse! People of all ages can step into the role of a Markham farmer, with dress up, ride on tractors, innovation and more!

Learn about simple machines at the core of every tool used to plant, cultivate and harvest. Uncover the secret agricultural research facility that once operated in Markham. Identify the roles of science and engineering in the continuous improvement of farm practices in our community. Test your own innovations to support our local food supply in the future.


Hands-On Learning

Brush up on your knowledge of simple machines in Geared for Growing. Hands on activities will lead you through all of our simple machines and show you how they can come together to make more complex machines. Learning has never been this fun!

Explore A Real Tractor

Explore machinery and innovations that have changed farming with some of our largest artifacts! With the help of our staff, try out our tractor. Find out exactly what a "threshing machine" is and does by seeing the artifact in person and a video of it in action.

Learn About Local Farmers

Did you know that the Morgan family designed and built implements in Markham? The profits supported Morgan Park and the first efforts to build a hospital for Markham! Get to know a few of the farmers around Markham as they share their work around the exhibition.

It's Not Easy Growing Wheat!

From bugs to hungry crows, our crops have quite the challenge to make from tiny seed to our table. Find out what challenges our farmers face in our wheat field, and how you can help!

Inventive Minds at Work

Let out your inner engineer and get your gears turning. Visitors can try their hands in our tinker areas to build their own inventions and machines. Do you think you have the next best idea for farming?

Tractor Test Drive

Discover Markham's Massey Ferguson Model Farm and its best kept secret. Find out how the secret test track paved the way for innovations in farming and machinery with the most hands on way possible... driving tractors yourself!

For more information about the Markham Museum, call 905-294-4576 or go to

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